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In our high paced and stressful daily lives, it is easy to feel anxious and uncertain. These feelings can be magnified during transitional periods in our lives, limiting us, and impeding our growth. Psychotherapy can help empower us to move forward with concrete strategies to meet daily challenges, navigate transitions, and grow to feel happy and more confident.



Dr. Winifred Lender is a licensed psychologist specializing in adolescent and adult psychotherapy in Santa Barbara, California.


Her orientation is cognitive-behavioral with a focus on health and positive psychology. Dr. Lender’s goal is to provide clients with concrete tools to maximize their full potential and live the life they want. She believes in supporting individuals to identify and work towards their goals using cognitive and behavioral tools, education, and support.


Dr. Lender's areas of specialty include anxiety, depression, sleep issues, relationship concerns, parenting issues, personal empowerment, and technology use balance.


Dr. Lender provides cognitive-behavioral therapy in her Santa Barbara office. Sessions range in length from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. 


Dr. Lender provides therapy via HIPPA compliant software that allows clients to engage in therapy outside of the therapy office. This can facilitate therapy for clients who are unable to leave their home, are traveling or are living in other parts of the state of California. This option can make it easier to commit to therapy given daily demands.




Dr. Lender consults with organizations and groups around policies related to technology balance and social-emotional programming to enhance development. 

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